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Infinite dirt appear/disappear with lavatory

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To the left, a lavatory that says it needs dirt.  to the right,  about 12 tiles or so dirt that constantly spawns.  


At first I thought it was infinitely spawning, but then I realized everytime they put dirt into lavatory, it appears there.

All my clones are constantly running back and forth picking up the dirt, putting in lavatory  (lavatory has low dirt,  never gets it)  just reappears over to the right somehow.  They are more or less stuck in this forever loop unless.  They'll still go to sleep and can be forced temporarily to other things, but its like they go to place 'dirt' into lavatory,  only for it to appear in the correct place and not be consumed by the lavatory.  I have the save file and screenshots if its needed.   Not sure where saves are though 




you can see the dirt spawn blob  to the right of research  (left of the 2 batteries)  and they just constantly are running back and forth. 


Steps to Reproduce
Just noticed it randomly having happened.

User Feedback

same thing.

In several games bug was repeated.

When there is a lavatory on the battery tile - dirt start spawning.

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