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inexplicable heat in an air-tide room [outdated]

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!!!!!!!!! THIS BUGREORT IS OUTDATED !!!!!!!!!! I think i found what is causing the bug. I made a new bugreport 7 posts above (infinitely spawning, of 100°C hot dirt).




I used a pump to pump out contaminated whater out of an air-tight room.20170225212700_1.jpg

That somehow caused the themperatur in there to rise dramaticly, which caused the contaminated water to boil into steam and condense to normal water.

The pump would suck it up and send it to the Wather Purifier were it gets deleted becaues it's normal water.20170225214604_1.jpg

I alsow included the save file: Heat.sav

The bug seems to be caused by invinit faling dirt with is hot AF

There are new, over 100°C hot dirt chunks spawning all the time.

Steps to Reproduce
Pumping contaminated water out of an air-tight room. (probably works with any liquid)

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