heat appear/disapear when changing state

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When liquide magma fall into water, somtimes the heat completly disapear from the drop at the moment its freezing when it should actually be around 1200°C, the amout of heat gave to the cold liquide seems to be bugged too.

i drop the magma at 1730°C from the top of the "tube"

left photo: it once totally vaporized the water and all the steam was at 1730°C, don't find how to rectreate

right photo, after 2 drop of 2000kg of magma, the water is at good temperature, colder on the left, but the drops are at random temperature beetween 134 and 670°C. On this photo it was from left to right at(°C) 670, 342, 338, 647, 134. the amount of steam created in first tube was 134kg at 150°C, on the second it was 18kg at 110°C

Sans titre.png

Steps to Reproduce
See the photo; i drop the magma from the top of the "tube", the first drop don't bug a lot, the second generally do. I can't find a way to reproduce the free vaporization, maybe somone else will do. add 273 for °C to K

Status: Pending

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