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Hatch drowns after wrangle rescue

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Egg hatched underwater, I noticed one of my ranches wasn't full. Ordered an alert-priority wrangling and delivery. Upon delivery, (lowest-right side proper room, left corner of room) hatchling still displays "Drowining" red warning tag. Save is from just when I noticed the issue.  Similar issue reported at: this post for spaced-out early access.


Edit: exiting to menu and reloading file lead to the effected hatch displaying the death animation and dropping meat.

drowned hatch.png

Breathless Cosmos (2).json

Steps to Reproduce

hatch (or trap?) Hatchling Egg (any drown-able critter?) to initiate "Drowning" state. Wrangle hatchling (critter?) and deliver to a critter drop off.

DxDiag hatch still drowning.txt Player-prev.log

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