Glossy Drecko always lay regular Drecko eggs

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

Glossy Drecko always lay regular Drecko eggs, despite the tooltip saying 65% chance to lay Glossy Drecko eggs. My Glossy Dreckos are almost extinct now since they cannot reproduce more GD.

Yes, I feed my GD Bristle Blossom. But the Glossy Drecko reproduction rateĀ is (supposedly) clamped at 65% minimum. Either the tooltip needs to be updated or there's a bias in the probability calculation.

Branch: beta testing branch. Didn't happen in current stable version.

Heliopod2-SaunaFix Cycle 1051.sav

Steps to Reproduce

There's a glossy drecko ranch 1-screen left of the pod printer. The glossy drecko will lay eggs near the end of that cycle.

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