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Ghost Obsidian Tiles at Gravitas Facility

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I think I found the root cause of this and this bug. What's happening is some sort of disconnect between two parts of the game engine. The obsidian tiles at the Gravitas Facility still get damaged and broken by meteors, they can even pass through and destroy the terrain below (see attached screenshot). This change appears to register with the lighting, pathing and meteor physics, but it doesn't get rendered or saved to file. That's why reloading fixes the weird strips of light and it would probably also fix the pathing problem in the second bug report I linked, as the tiles are visibly bright from the sunlight they are exposed to through the ghost blocks.


Steps to Reproduce
drop meteors on gravitas facility until the obsidian tiles of it's walls/ceiling get destroyed after several impacts, observe light overlay and try to have a dupe run over the tiles with shafts of light below. the duplicant won't be able to walk over the tiles (as if they were tiles of air), but can do so again after saving and reloading.

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