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Gas filter does NOT work [FIXED]

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I already looked for similar bugs over mine, but it seems that what solved the others problems didn't solved mine and that's why I'm creating this topic. 

What basically's happen is that the gas filters is not working properly, instead filtering the gases the gas pump works like a bridge, that is, the output for filtered gas doesn't work.

This bug is really annoying and yes, I already checked up all the gas pipes and the colors of the outputs (non-filtered and filtered). 



guys I'm very stupid, carbon is not carbon dioxide. I'm really sorry. I could fix the issue by my own.

Steps to Reproduce

1. build a gas pump; 2. build a gas filter; 3. connect both with a gas pipe, joining the output of the gas pump with the input of the gas filter; 4. place gas vent so they can work properly; 4. connect the gas pump and the gas filter on power; 5. choose a gas element to be filtered; 6.and then the bug occurs, that is, the gas filter doesn't filter nothing at all, working more like a gas bridge (the output for filtered gas stay empty entire all the pump process). 7. select the correct element 


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