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Game not saving

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This has happened to me four times now on this current save. I click to the menu, hit save game, sometimes two or three times since this started to occur, and exit the game.  When I come back there is no "Resume game" button and I have to go back to the previous auto save.  I have not found a rhyme or reason to why this only happens some times. I've included  my save file just in case its needed.  

The Galactic Beyond Cycle 101.sav


Steps to Reproduce
Go to menu, click save, exit game. Sometimes it saves, sometimes it doesn't. Have not noticed differences in when it does and does not work.

User Feedback

I do want to add that I also can't go back and load my colony when I select "Load Game"  The file doesn't exist.  The auto saves are always there though.  Just happened again. 

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