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Game Never Starts but shows in task manager

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ok so when i launch oni it never launches but when i check task manager there is oni and unity crash handler 64.exe loaded... so i can only assume that it crashed and is simply not showing that it crashed. i have a lot of programs in the background but i tried again with all of them closed and it still didnt work. but the weirdest part is if i go back to the live version with my programs loaded back up it starts normally. so it is only happening on the preview version


things i have tried:

uninstalling and reinstalling

verifying integrity

moving it to another drive

starting the exe manually

starting as administrator


none of these work so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Steps to Reproduce
start oni

User Feedback

i just tried it on the live version that updated today and it is still happening! any help would be great as i really want to get back into oni!!!

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