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Game freezes and then crashes frequently, usually when saving

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When autosaving, the game has a chance of just freezing up and crashing (crashing usually after 5-15 minutes of being frozen), sometimes taking Steam down with it. I don't have enough experience digging into steam-related bugs. This is likely an issue with my specific machine, but I have no idea where to even start fixing it on my own, and this is the only context that it really comes up. With a dual-monitor setup, both monitors freeze and fail to refresh for the duration (the clock on the second doesn't change), and trying to log in to a console tty doesn't work without also freezing. It seems an assert somewhere went wrong, so here's the dump of my most recent crash.


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On my computer, I haven't been able to force this issue to reappear, but it happens regularly when the game autosaves. To the point that it's crashed three times today alone.

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