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Game does not remember or respect fullscreen resolution changes

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

I'm running a 4k monitor, but for performance reasons I play the game at 1080p. However, the game has a number of issues related to changing resolutions.

  • The game does not remember your resolution choices when exiting the game and restarting.
  • The game resets the resolution when starting a new game or loading a save game.
  • Going from a game back to the main menu or loading a save game also resets your resolution.
  • The game sometimes resets the resolution while playing. I'm not 100% sure on the trigger here, but but it occurs after the auto-save triggers, and since I usually get a bunch of steam notifications when it happens, may be related to losing connection or reconnecting to steam.
  • Changing resolution in game can in some cases cause the game to have the wrong UI scaling by default. For me, if I change the resolution at the title screen, load a game, and then change resolution again (since it resets when loading), the UI scaling is correct. If  after booting the game I load a save file and change the resolution then, the UI scaling appears to be 200% (same as my desktop ui scaling), but the slider says it's 100%. Moving the ui scaling slider a little will correct the issue.

Steps to Reproduce
Adjust the game resolution, and notice that either restarting the game, loading a game, or returning to the main menu causes the game to lose your selected choices.

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