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Game crashes when trying to load any save file

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As title states, since yesterday mid afternoon no save files can be loaded. Game will crash after a few seconds of loading screen, giving a "blackhole ate your game" screen about .5 sec, then complete crash to desktop. I can start a new game, but even a Cycle 1 save file cannot then be loaded once I've gone back to menu screen.  This occurs with or without mods active. I've uninstalled/reinstalled to no avail. I've verified my local files. Tried swapping saves between cloud and local, neither will load. Thanks in advance for any help.

Log files attached.

Steps to Reproduce

Open game, try to load any save file, crash to desktop

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The same thing just happened to me, and I have been able to play just fine until today. I have been playing since this game entered early access, and I have never seen this problem until now. I get the error message: "VirtualAlloc remapping failed." 

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