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game crashes when dupe use teleport transmiter

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

the bug occurs when this dupe entered the teleport transmiter while the daily saves is just happening.

after that,  the dupe leaves the teleport without my command, but the teleport transmiter is ready for transmit( nobody in it ). 

now I have to  cancel the teleport transmiter,  re-select the exact one dupe to re-transmit,

once we transmiting the dupe,  the game crashes.






Steps to Reproduce

1. load my save file.

2. you will see the dupe leaves the transmiter

3. cancel the transmiter ,use the teleport transmiter to re-trans the same dupe

4. after the dupe re-enters the teleport transmiter, click transmition, game crashes.

太空营 Cycle 139.sav

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