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game crashes when clicking on the exosuit crafting recipe

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

game crashes when clicking on the copper exosuit crafting recipe when i have no materials for it 

enabled Mods:   
Better Air Filter v2
Shiny Lights
Bigger Camera Zoom Out
Bigger Build Menu
Automaticmetalrefinery (spelt as one word)
Travel Tube Anywhere
Colorful Shinebugs
Squirrel Wheel
No meteors
Build Over Planets
Chained Deconstruction
Drywall Over Pipes
Oilwell - Any Water
Suppress Notifications
automatic OilRefinery
Aqutatic Farm
Mod Updater
Thermoelectric coolers
Mismatched Wire Finer
Soggy Carpets
Rotatable Beds
Tinted Aquatuner Liquid
Missing Element Textures
Asphalt Tile
More Marble Sculptures
Bio-Links: Rechargeable Printing Pod
Sweep By Type
Make Dirt

Steps to Reproduce

Steps to recreate: don't have enough copper to make a suit and click the recipe in the exosuit forge.

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