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Game crashes randomly and on starting new game

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So today I resumed my old game, played for about a cycle and it just crashed when morning came. I tried loading the autosave for that new day but it shows me the character choosinf screen as if I'm trying to start a new game. I loaded the old save file before the crash and the same story happened. I tried again and I think I went through 2 cycles this time before it crashed. I sent reports on all of these crashes. 

After that I decided to start a new game, since the old one wasn't working properly and that colony was rubbish anyway, but now the game crashes after it goes to 100% during creation of a new asteroid. I can't send a report on this crash, because the game closes comlpetely. I tried reinstalling the game, but it didn't help. I managed to snap a screenshot of the error before it crashed to windows. And when I tried to resume the game I played before it crashed the same way.


Steps to Reproduce
Random crash after resuming the game. Loading the autosave file right before the crash (leads to characters screen). Starting a new game.

User Feedback

Mine does that too. At some points it's doing this, at more points it refuses to even open and at other point it will open and then crash as soon at it is at the menu screen.

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