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Game crashes

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The game crashed. I've no idea why exactly. It didn't create crash report. 
I used the last version of the game q1-297993


Steps to Reproduce
The crash happened when I used water pipe filter

User Feedback

I'm having this issue as well, I've seen on the steam forums people saying it is the microbe musher if you queue more than one thing. I tested it and indeed this seems to be the problem...

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Hey there

My game crashes also without a crashreport.

The Colony is at cycle 127, crash after around 2/3 of the cycle. 

I'm also on the q1-297993 Bulid, previous Builds (QoL Preview) just worked fine. 

I think it's either the Electric Grill or the Rock Granulator and the endless queuing of recipies. I'll try the Workaround with less items in the Queue.

Let me know, if you Need further informations.


Experimental Formicarium Cycle 127.sav

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