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Game crashes on loading old save files

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After some years of being away from the game, I installed ONI on a new computer, and manually moved over the old folder save_files from my old pc to my new. The game recognizes all save files and, but when I try to load them the game crashes out. Attached are my player.log and one of the save files that doesn't load.

I read somewhere it might be that a thumbnail is missing, so I copied one over from a newer save that does load. It didn't fix the issue.

I have this problem with 11 of my 12 old saves. I hope someone knows a fix so I can check out my oldest bases again ^_^


Steps to Reproduce

1. Move save file to your save folder.

2. Boot the game.

3. Load the game 'Tombe.sav'.

4. Game crashes, the save file is not loaded.

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