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Game crash

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Game crashed out of no reason. Occured a few times.

I was testing my module on an empty map. The game exits to desktop without a `blackhole` page.


Mods(2) are: DGSM, Better automation Overlay.

I was playing with a few mods, but I think they are not the cause. If the a mod crashes, it should show a `black hole` page instead of directly exitting.


I'm not sure whether the crash was about autosaving. (I set autosave interval to 20 cycles). I was not looking at the screen when crash.

The crash occured a few times, sometimes Cycle 301 successfully saved before crash, sometimes crash before save



Steps to Reproduce

Loading Cycle 281 and just let it run may reproduce the result.

Save files & Log files are provided below.

哈奇养殖5(1) Cycle 281.sav 哈奇养殖5(1) Cycle 301.sav

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