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Game crash on save load

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Hi , i think i found a bug where in the game crashes on loading.


i have made test to confirm in how it happened, and i think i have pin pointed the problem. i have been able to reproduce the bug over and over again, where in when you load a save multiple times the game crashe's it seems that when you load the instance it is saved in your ram , but when you load it again, and a couple of times the save of that instance isnt being deleted, it is still being stored inside the ram, hence why when you have a big ram more than 16gb it takes a bit to crash the game , but if you have an 8 gb ram it crashes rather quickly.


i have also checked that the amount of the game that is loaded is also plays into effect , for example you are starting out , and load the save quite a few times its gonna take longer vs loading a pre existing save that has an already established colony which will crash the game earlier.


another thing is that if you have internet tabs like chrome open and have a lot of tabs , it also affects the random save crash.

Steps to Reproduce

1. load game

2. repeat until crash

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