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Since a few days ago (maybe a couple of weeks), I get regularly long freezes of the game. Everything stops except sounds. It happens 3 or 4 times a cycle, sometimes more, and almost always close to midcycle, but at least these freezes have an end sooner or later.

And I can't acess colony summary any more, or click notification to see achievement, the game simply freezes and whatever I do, nothing gets back. I had a look at the memory, the ONI process uses more and more memory without ever unfreezing. I let it go until 20 GB and killed it.

Don't know what's happening, I never had that kind of problems so far with the game.

When I kill the game and relaunch, it's OK, until I try to get to summary.

I noticed that French translation file has changed. It was Klei some time ago and now it shows "workshop", and some texts are noticeably different. Not bad, but I can't be sure my problems came with this change.

Probably not though, as I tested the game in English and I get the same issues.

It becomes really frustrating.

Steps to Reproduce
Nothing possible for current freezes. Regarding freeze blocking the game: simply click on a notification (top left) about new achievement, or on the "colony summary" button in printer menu. I'd like to join the log file, but I don't find it, maybe because of the process kill...

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Are you 300+ cycles in?
Is your computer powerful enough(ok you got a lot of ram and is prob strong enough)?
As I freeze for 4-5 sec every cycle when it saves and my game does not run smoothly anymore.
Still if the problem is only for the summary and is not game-breaking is not that bad, just avoid clicking it, good luck with that problem in future tho.

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I'm cycle 279 and yes, my computer is strong enough. I already got further in preceding maps and didn't have the game freezing like this, except during end cycle save (but this one is normal).

As to summary, I could access it normally some days ago. I think there was an update (whatever it is, with or without translation change) that broke something. But thats OK, I simply don't try to access it... just a pity not to get the available stats.

To devs, one long freeze comes exactly at mid cycle, I verified this point, and it didn't occur before.

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One precision: I can access ancient games. Blocking happens only with my current map. I tried to let it go, my PC just got memory full (32GB), and the game used 26GB, but nothing more happened, except preventing me from using my computer normally.

CPU was only at 23% though.

So something happened with my current game!

Anyway, freezing from 5 to 15 seconds still happen for all games, especially the one at mid cycle.

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