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Food Supply "disappearing"

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First off excuse me if this has been posted but two searches didn't net any results...

On two separate occasions my food supply has been at 64 and the second time at 82 (while mush bars are being made indefinitely) the food box dropped to 1 supply then the second time was 31. I had two storage boxes with more than half  of dirt and plenty of water. The dup who was cooking hadn't stopped before either time the box "glitched". I was keeping an eye on the boxes because I was stocking up for the advanced IIRC* "Fried Mush" (It requires two to make).   

Steps to Reproduce
Not sure but possibly with the indefinite food making loop set.

User Feedback

I've run into this bug as well my little colony is doing well plenty of resources specially food like 50-80Kg i save and reload and one of the dupes goes to get food from the bin and then it drops down to like 5k food with the food shortage warning going off.

i also have steam screen shots but im not sure how to upload them

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