Fluid mass transfer not (even close to) conservative far from equilibrium

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When two cells of fluid exchange mass, the temperature is occasionally applied to the wrong cell. If they're also out of thermal equilibrium this obviously creates or destroys heat. For example by rapid-tapping space I observed the following single-tick transition:

Left tile: 1013kg@1000K

Right tile: 1.013kg@500K


Left tile: 911.8014kg@995.0837K

Right tile: 102.2117kg@999.9956K


The mass change is obviously 10% of the delta, and both temperatures are legitimate too; but they've been swapped. IMO this is the cause of

though I haven't been able to pin down the frequency (or 2d heat exchange theory) enough to be certain it accounts for exactly the right amount of missing heat.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Surround 2 adjacent tiles with neutronium to isolate them thermally. 2. Put 1000kg steam at 1000K in one, 1kg steam at 375K in the other. 3. Run for a tick. 4. Repeat 1-3 until the temperatures get swapped.

Status: Pending

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Sorry, in the linked thread the radiant pipe from the turbine to the outlet is a lot of the problem, but even when that’s fixed the equilibrium appears to be about 20C short (145C as opposed to 165C)

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