[Fatal Crash] - Deconstructing a pipe causes my game to freeze and crash

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So I've encountered a crash in my save. To gain a better understanding please view the pictures I have attached or open up the save file yourself.

I have a pipe running through my world, from a cold biome, where cold polluted water is getting sieved up into a chlorine chamber in my base and from there into my main water tank. I meant to deconstruct part of the main water pipe in order to install a liquid shutoff which caused my game to crash. I've recreated this situation about six times now, it always crashes right as a dupe deconstructs part of the pipe. Interestingly enough it matters WHERE on the pipe the deconstruction happens. I've marked segments that were deconstructed without any problem green and those that I tried and that caused a crash red. 

I have three mods installed (Deconstruct POI, Bigger Zoom Out and Rotate everything), but the crash happens no matter whether they are enabled or not. Also they do not interact with anything related to the pipe so it would confuse me if they were at all related.

So that's it for now. I wont be able to play on this save for now since I absolutely need to remove part of this pipe. Personally I have no idea what could even cause the crash and why it only happens on some segments.

I was NOT able to find an output log in my files.

Either way thanks for your help!







Steps to Reproduce
As described in my post - open up the file and deconstruct a part of the pipe marked with a red circle in the attached pictures. This should cause a crash.

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