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Eventual Crash

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Everything seems to be in working order, from the very first time it opens. As I create the colony and start playing, around the end of the 1st cycle or the beginning of the 2nd cycle of playing the game, it keeps on freezing, making me unable to even save my progress, and eventually just closing the game altogether. I don't know whats causing it. I clearly have the minimum requirements needed to run the game, and I even deleted some files to free up more space before the initial download.

Steps to Reproduce
Open the initial game and begin the new colony. Then you start playing the game as normal. You keep playing, until you have made a decent amount of progress in the game. Around the end of Cycle 1, the game begins to lag slightly. Finally a few minutes in on Cycle 2, the screen immediately freezes. You can try to click around the screen, only to hear a few responses from the buttons on the screen, you can still hear the music playing, and a few sound effects now and again, but then it just completely shuts down.

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