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Electrical Wiring not working properly

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I have two batteries that switch on/off that are supplied by same transformer. Transformer is Large power transformer.

Battery A is on left side battery B is on right side.

When battery A is disconnected and battery B is connected, the liguid tepidizers don't recognize that they have an energy source and do not run. (see image)


The logic for the automation goes like this:

Battery A is signal A, Battery B is signal B.

A_i is signal to switch on battery A supply.

A_o is signal to switch on battery A output.

B_i is signal to switch on battery B supply.

B_o is signal to switch on battery B output.

A_i = A'
A_o = A

B_i = A'B
B_o = AB'



Steps to Reproduce
Set up the battery like described in images and automation like described with equations.

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