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Electric grill not working

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every once in a while, my electric grill will stop working. duplicants will still deliver ingredients to the grill (at one time they had about 30,000cal of meat stuffed in there) but it just wont cook until i destroy the grill and remake it. this has happened 3 times, any help?

Steps to Reproduce
it might be happening whenever i load a save, ive only noticed it after a while of my duplicants nearly starving

User Feedback

I have the same or a very similar issue. Electric grill sometimes stops producing food (I have the feeling it just occasionally happens, but could also be after a load of a save file.). Seems dupes still try to deliver ingredients but the actual delivery "pop up" is not visible. Cooks ends up not cooking and dupes starving. Emptying storage and/or changing the product queue seems to work as a workaround it as dupes then properly deliver ingredients. Which is shortly followed by the cook starting to prepare food.

I just noticed it happening when stuffed berry was in queue (not specific to that recipe) and i noticed dupes and a nearby sweeper (Not sweeper related, it was a pre-exisiting issue) delivering very small amounts of bristle berry ~15 mg amounts. I saw something similar with microgram amounts of raw egg..

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