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Duplicates work themselves to death

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Something that I've noticed is that duplicants will constantly fill up the microbe musher, even past the minimum needed to make food and keep filling the microbe musher until they all starve.

They will also put menial tasks like botany and resource collecting about eating despite the microbe musher being set to priority 9 and everything else being priority 1.

Has anyone else had this issue with colonies?

Steps to Reproduce
Started to occur randomly.

User Feedback

Yup, I've seen this before. It happened when I had a water vent dripping 1000g of water every 4 ticks. Dupes would grab that single tick of water, give it to the musher or the algae farm, run back to grab the next tick they could, and so on forever, despite filling up the buildings as much as they needed in order to make more. It was the death of my colony once I figured out what they were doing. Had to recreate the mushers to get things running again.

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