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Duplicant teleported to a planet I have never been to

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

I was playing and noticed my notice that my duplicant had to use the restroom urgently.  I navigated to the duplicant and found him on another world... completely black (fog of war) with only the arrow above his head to see where he was.  He was one of my duplicants I had on autopilot doing normal chores on secondary planet.  So I did not play much attention to him.

I saved the game at this point and reloaded and he is still stuck on an unknown planet.  attached

Steps to Reproduce


Stuck Duplicant.sav

Loading the save file is the only steps I have to reproduce.

User Feedback

So pretty weird.  I found the duplicant asleep on the ground because he could not navigate.  He dug himself into a place he could not get out of (typical.) But... this still seems odd that the game shows that he is on another planet.  Feel free to take this down if its a non issue.

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