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Dupes Teleported themselves to asteroid without teleporters

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I sent one dupe and a rover to start a new base on Glowera. I landed the rover module, a cargo module and a trailblazer module. The dupe appeared in the base, but the rover landed normally. So I had one dupe and one rover on the planet (my second rover on the planet, the first one built the beginnings of a base). I was building the base and had just set orders to harvest the meteors when I checked on one of my other colonies and when I came back I had 5 Dupes on planet. When the rocket got back to base the pilot and 3 other random dupes appeared on Glowera. Glowera lacks teleporters or even a landing pad as that is what I sent Joshua to build. I did disassemble the old depleted rover if that matters.

Steps to Reproduce

If it is reproduceable then send a steam rocket with a spacefarer, artifact, rover, trailblazer, cargo, and nosecone to orbit around another planet. Then pause the game while launching the rover, trailblazer and cargo modules right before meteors are due. Send the rocket back to the first planet while still paused.

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