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Dupes pick up 16mg of food at a time - after Cosmic upgrade

  • Version: Windows Pending

Since today my dupes will only pick up 16.9mg of food at a time. As a result, food stays on the ground much longer and goes stale, and dupes stand around moving food constantly. This happened with:

Made from electric fryer

- gristle berry



spawned in sandbox mode

-all of the above



It happened regardless of where in the colony the food was dropped, and was repeatable. I deleted the electric fryer, recreated it, and it still happened with made food. This game save was made before the current update.

Screenshot and save file attached.


The Ultra Spacestation Cycle 121.sav

User Feedback

I've witnessed the same bug. For me it only seems to occur when Dups/Sweeper are attempting to store food on the floor from the Electric Grille to the Refrigerator. They seem to grab the full amount when they're hungry. They only seem to start grabbing food in ~10 Milligram increments when the fridge is near full, and then they keep doing that until the food left on the floor rots. I can't be sure of the exact conditions that cause this. 

Happened to me on the stable non-beta build of the Cosmic Upgrade. 

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