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Dupes have permanent "Full Bladder" debuff after returning from space (base game)

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I'm playing the base game (don't own Spaced Out yet) and my duplicant pilot that goes on space missions always returns with a "Full Bladder" debuff even though their bladder isn't full.  This makes them permanently gain stress.  Even if they go to the bathroom, the full bladder debuff doesn't leave UNLESS they actually did have a full bladder upon return.  Usually I send them out on missions first thing after they wake up so they don't have much in their bladder, and they come back still having a low bladder percentage, but still have the debuff.  If they did come back with 100% bladder, they'll use the bathroom and clear the debuff.  But if they return with less than 100% bladder and have the debuff, the debuff does not fade ever, even if they use the bathroom naturally the next day.  Saving and reloading my save fixes it.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Duplicant wakes up in the morning (after using the restroom the night prior)
2. Enter the rocket and leave on space mission.
3. Return with full bladder debuff even though they have a low bladder percentage.
4. Debuff never fades until game is reloaded.

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