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Dupes glitch out at exo docks

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So my dupes are stuck after getting assigned an atmo suit. It seems that they were assigned an atmo suit, then someone else put that atmo suit on and the dupe that was originally assigned the suit just stands next to the exosuit dock with an infinite cycle of docking suit/using atmo suit dock. They won't move, I can't break them out of it until a dupe comes by and loads the dock they are glitched on. I can't assign them to a different suit and they are bugged for that entire working day... sometimes multiple days if another dupe takes the suit out of the bugged dock before the bugged dupe can grab it. (game is paused but here's my example)image.thumb.png.a2ab9366ac35c764e1cc1618bc77bef5.png

Steps to Reproduce
Assign a dupe an atmo suit and have someone redock it before they can put it on

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