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Dupes forget they have Atmo Suits

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It appears that Dupes sometimes forget they're wearing Atmo Suits when working in liquid.  As an example, see the attached image.  When Dupes are working on piping or power lines in the wall on the right, they have to climb down the center ladder to reach the ladder on the right.  Dupes will do that, perform one or two tasks, then climb back up the center ladder until they're in air, pause a second as if they're breathing, then climb back down and over to the right ladder to continue their work.

A related behavioral issue: there used to be a liquid valve where the current liquid shutoff is.  For many, many cycles there was an outstanding work errand to change the flow rate on the valve.  Even at a priority of 9, Dupes were never doing that work.  My theory is that they may have considered it unreachable (given the amount of time they'd spend underwater?).  I put in the ladder in between and changed to the shutoff to resolve the issue.  Also note that the liquid valve at the bottom still has a pending work errand and a priority of 9, but hasn't been touched at all over the course of many cycles.


Steps to Reproduce
I haven't tested the reproducibility in a different environment, but I'd suggest this: Build a liquid pool 12wx8h with liquid coming up at least 6 squares high. Have a ladder in 7th position from the left as the only entrance into the pool and another ladder 4 squares to the right of the pool with access from the bottom of the pool. Have the entire area only reachable via atmo suits and create work for Dupes on the right wall or at the top of the right ladder.

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