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The core mechanic of the game is indirect management, but I think that AI of dupes are far from perfect to make them truly self-sustained. I think there are several global extra rules should be applied to dupes decision making system, so that they would prioritize things better.

1. Actions, that could block other actions in list should be performed at the end.

2. Actions, that could potentially block some dupe, should be postponed until that dupe leaves a certain area.

I've attached a video, showing the exact situation when these rules could help a lot.

I've attached another video, showing that I can not achieve correct behavior even using priority system. So the only solution to that is just keeping in mind that some commands should be performed only step by step. And that is the problem: when colony becomes big enough, you don't want to waste your time on such low-level managing, when you need something to be demolished/digged out, built etc, you don't want to give dupes a little portion of commands instead of a whole bunch, you don't want to sit  and watch so that's nobody dies, while building just a new water pool.


Oxygen 2_Large.mp4

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Sorry, the Oxygen_2_Large video is wrong, I've mixed up the priority order. Here is the correct one, which shows that priority is working, but the main problem remains the same, I think game should offer higher level of controlling abstractions.

If this is something that very hard to fix in a global sense, would be nice to get some fast solution. For example you can add a new "Gradient priority tool" which will work exactly as it is shown on the video, but automatically. So you just take this "Gradient priority tool", draw a box, from one corner to another, and priorities automatically set from 1 to 9 (range adjustments could be allowed also, 1-4, 5-9 etc)

Oxygen 4_Large (1).mp4

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