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Dupe becoming stuck in Rock

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For an unknown reason (it only happened once to me so far), the duplicant can become stuck the head inside a rock, see picture attached.

I can attach the save file if needed.


Steps to Reproduce
Unknown reason (it only happened once to me so far).
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User Feedback

The thing is, in my case, I did not build the tile myself :).

I know it is cumbersome that our dupe can be stuck in tiles we have just built, but I consider it as a feature, and not a bug.

But in my case, the dupe managed to stuck his head into a piece of rock _that was already there_.

Funny thing, after I digged this tile, the rocks did not fall on the ground, but lifted in the air in the tile just below the one I just digged.

So we are properly looking at an invalid tile state.

Sadly, I have accidently overriden the save file yesterday, I will attach a new case if I ever reproduce.

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