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Dup get teleported into enclosed terrain

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

So today, doctor Stinky while digging a platform right below his feet, he fell off it after digging the last block.
He expected that he'll touch the ground softly like he always did, but little did he know, he fell through terrain and landed into a pocket of chlorine underground.
He tried to scream, but he had to hold his breath. Chlorine filled his eyes. Tear start to fall. He needed god to assign him to dig the block above, and he can escape safely, but god doesn't want Chlorine to fill the base and mix with oxygen. Guess that's the end of him. All and all he's just another clone from the 3D printer...


Steps to Reproduce

I don't know exactly. Fall off a platform and land into a pocket that's 1 block thick?

The Cute Tunnel.sav

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