Dup contracts 58+ million germs... bug?

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Regarding the attached save files, on the first day, my Duplicants will contract a large number of Germs from the extremely contaminated Water Sieve causing them to wash at a sink for an extremely long time.

I'm not sure if this was intentional, but either the contraction rate or cleansing rate seems off.

Depending on the tasks a Duplicant does during this day, one may contract so many Germs they will ignore the Schedule, stop using the restroom, forgo sleep, and eventually Starve to Death while washing their hands, if they are not interrupted by something else.

One unfortunate Duplicant, "Devon", contracted 58 million germs and will wash his hands until his demise (attached as day 2).

I understand it's my job to monitor the sanitation of the base, but I don't think making a Duplicant wash for multiple cycles or until they die seems like a reasonable consequence for overlooked dirty surfaces.

germs_bug_report_day_1.sav germs_bug_report_day_2.sav

Steps to Reproduce

It is possible the base's unhygenic conditions was caused by a small Duplicant population being overwhelmed with tasks, and being unable to accomplish their disinfecting tasks frequently enough.

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