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Documents, 'Natural' Selection, Random Bane, and Seed-pocalypse

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♥ Kind of aesthetic report. Been looking for ways to kill time while the dupes reach some random abandoned lab on a world. I have been reading those emails and records provided by inspecting some special tiles (locker, the pod, desktop, etc.) I suddenly need to go out for some errand and save the game for later. After that, I reload the game back to where I left the screen. I reinspect the lockers to see what dialog will it pop out after it is exhausted but instead it provided another document. At first I might've forgot to inspect one so It didn't bother much, besides it's irrelevant to the game play either way. But it does confirm when I retest it on another world. If this is a feature, I can uncover all the documents and recording once I found one of those.


♥ And another thing. Is reloading a cycle right during the 3-cycle mark where you can print another dupe - to 'grind' your dupe you've been looking for a feature, too? Well, I spend a huge amount of time trying to find a dupes that I needed that time or a Shove Vole to achieve the Carnivore achievement very easily and it kinda spoil the game.


♥ Most of the game play were spend trying to find that suitable dupe on the start. Can we choose what attributes to start with? With points to limit, like the in-game skill points? It kinda sucks spending 10-15 mins. trying to find what eventually will turn up.


♥ It always crash when you exceed a number of digits typing your seeds, or when typing any seed with 8 or 9 as starting number. If there's an article explaining how seeds work, I might've avoided it, but what the heck. A seed with octal numbers?


♥ Good game.:)

Steps to Reproduce
Observing my own game play. Relying too much on random(arg[]) JK... ☻Find any natural building with Inspect Option, Inspect, Save Game, Reload, Reinspect the same locker. ☻Wait for a 3-cycle mark for printing pod to print another dupe, Choose Blueprint, Exit prompt. Save Game, Reload Game, Choose Blueprint. ☻I look for a researcher +7 with Quick Learner, Digger +7 with Mole Hands, and Builder +7 with Early Bird or Night Owl. It took me an average of 45 mins. to start the actual game. I change it to dupes with 3 interests with corresponding trait to what I needed them to do later. I'm tired of grinding. ☻Pretty self explanatory. I might've suggest removing any uneditable part of the 'seed' so that the player won't change anything on his/her setting and stage.

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