Disapearing Exosuit

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Hey there, 

I'm running a 1000+ day colony but the problem isn't new at all.

My colony is basically full of carbon so i made exosuit for my dups to leave in all the time. I Try to always have 8 exosuit ( 2 for each dups)

"Try" because sometime my suits just disapear for apparently no reasons. Sometime they drop it on the floor so i can take them back but so far i've lost about 20 of them. 

My docks are basically a room they need to go to change suit so they can go in from left or the right. I sometime have trouble with them changing suits repeatedly  when they don't have much to do from time to time so that may be it.

Can't say much more, i really don't know where they can be and i don't think they can break so yeah.

Hope to hear from you later.

Steps to Reproduce
Have exosuit on dups, a two entry exosuit-dock-room and an unbreathable base environment.

Status: Pending

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