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Diagnostics no longer showing per cycle data

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

On cycle ~40

There is a diagnostics panel on the right, which I didn't alter at all.

Food has always been on there, and would show per cycle production and consumption when moused over. It behaved normally.

Now when I mouse over it, it just shows a large blank rectangle that says "Diagnostic can be muted..." on the bottom. And there is a large blank space above it, where it used to show daily calorie consumption / daily production.

Persists between save load.

No mods.

temp delete.jpg

DxDiag.txt Chaotic Home.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Mouse over any item on diagnostics panel. Doesn't show consumption per cycle / production per cycle.

Always happens. When I first installed the game behavior was normal. I can not reproduce normal behavior. I did not make any alterations or install any mods.

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