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Deconstructing solar panels does not restore the decor penalty of heavy-watt wire.

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

When heavy-watt wire is built inside Solar Panels, the decor penalty from the heavy-watt wire is hidden, as expected.


When a solar panel is dismantled, the heavy-watt wire gets exposed, but does not start producing a decor penalty until the next save/reload.


Attached screenshot shows decor while the game is unpaused.

Oxygen Not Included 4_11_2022 12_38_01 PM.png

Steps to Reproduce

1. Construct solar panel(s)

2. Construct heavy-watt wire inside solar panel, observe decor overlay.

3. Dismantle solar panel

4. Observe decor overlay around newly exposed heavy-watt wire. (see screenshot in issue attached above)


Workaround: saving and reloading restores the expected decor penalty.

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