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Critters not losing health

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Its not really a bug, but more logic. I had some slicksters, the egg was in an environment of 25-30 degrees. So they were incubating. When they hatch, after 1 or 2 cycles they died, and I was trying to figure out why, because they were happy, and no health lost.

After a while, I looked in the internal help, and saw that they have to be in a temperature higher than 35 degrees to survive. 


1- They should lose health before dying as for logic maybe, because they seems to die for no reason.

2- Should the egg should not hatch or incubate if temperature is not right for them ?


Feel free to move in the suggestion forum if it should not be here, but I feel like health should drop down slowly before killing a creature.


Steps to Reproduce
Put some slickers in the wrong temperature environment.

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