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Critter/hatch seems to never come when called to taming station. Critter status says "excreting" but is just walking around.

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So my new map/new colony with the new update seems to have come into a huge issue that has existed.. a while.

A hatch is busy walking around when it should be doing other things: namely excreting or being tamed.


This is noticed when my Husbandry Dupe is at the Grooming Station whistling, but nothing happens -tying the dupe up for literally their entire work cycle as it has no 'end call, do another task' flag.

This time, however, I noticed there was only 1 hatch in the farm. The rest were eggs.  So it was easy to find "which hatch is doing this" - and selecting them it said "Excreting" in their description - except - they weren't.  They were just walking around for an entire cycle. 


I then quit to menu and reloaded, and immediately after unpause - the hatch did do it's 'task' of excreting.  There seems to be a hang up of 'tasks' -  even for critters.  


Now the most interesting thing is - I have not fast forward/higher speed at all - so this is all at x1 speeds - so it can't be a speed thing.

I do have mods on - QoL things more than anything - but I will try disabling those I think might effect this to see if it cleans it up. ( I don't really have anything that targets critters though, so, limited ideas)


I also noticed something odd - earlier my Dupe was.. grooming nothing?  Got a quick screen grab of that one.  Might be related, might be something else.


Steps to Reproduce

Unsure. Seems to happen on it's own when you start ranching/taming at least Hatches.

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