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Critter starvation restarts

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1) When I saved-loaded a game Glossy Drecko starvation went from 8 cycles to 10(restarted) - this is a rather simple bug, but ... it should keep the count the same or increase it relatively to the starved amount(e.g. if he'll die in 3 cycles, that means he used 7 of his 10 "starving cycles" with 400 calories each, so if he eats 1000-1200 calories, he should gain 3 starving cycles and 0 calories, putting him at 7 cycles starving and 0 calories. Instead you put him at 1000 calories and 10 starving cycles, givingĀ  him additional 2k calories in this case(2k is very relative, since starving cycles cost less than normal ones)

2) More importantly, when Drecko is starving and feeds, starvation timer resets to 0(i.e. 10 cycles) and Drecko gets 1k calories.

  • This means Drecko has many more calories than 10000, more specifically 30 000, since he can survive 5 cycles without eating(until he reaches 0 calories) and then 10 more cycles starving( when he supposedly loses 400 calories per cycle, but I don't see why I shouldn't count that as potential 2000 calories per day lost, which amounts to (5+10)*2000=30k.
  • When Drecko is starving and feeds, it's like he's getting MUCH MOREĀ  from food, anywhere from 1000 to 21 000 calories, depending on how starved he he is(since he's getting always 1000 calries + the starvation restart).

I think you should either remove the starvation and let Drecko die at 0 calories, the same as our dupes, or make starvation appear much earlier, e.g. at 4-5000 calories, but don't decrease the speed of calorie drop, so that we have the proper numbers from the start - Drecko has 10k calories and dies and he eats 2k calories per day. Otherwise you're increasing those numbers in a "hidden way" and give us false info in the info box.

Steps to Reproduce
let Drecko starve => feed him

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