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Crispy fresh bugs

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Straight up
bug 1:
-wanted to run water pipes through mesh tiles.
-dupes proceeded to deconstruct said mesh tiles before building pipes.
---> bedroom and room below swimming in pee, had to remake mesh tiles onto pipes.

Bug 2:
-Abe the architect was caught participating in digging, even though:
--the dig was not to clear space for a building,
--the digsite was far from any construction order,
--he had better things to do (existing build orders were at higher priority than dig orders),
--he's the only one allowed to build (because everyone else is freakishly slow at it),
--there was no resource shortage,
--Abe is not allowed to dig.

Steps to Reproduce
bug 1: assign build order of liquid pipes behind existing mesh tiles bug 2: no idea

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