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Crash/Stall on Boot on macOS

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: OSX Pending

On Boot, the game is stalling on the Klei entertainment screen for 30-60 seconds after which point it crashes.


* 5/5 repro rate

* I have not attempted workarounds in case there are useful artifacts for debugging.

* Attached the 2 manual saves i have for this instance but there are many previous saves of different colonies and autosaves that i also have.

*  This is new from today for me. The game was working perfectly fine last night on this same Mac. I've got around 10-15 hours in this save file in the last 2 weeks.

* I have not upgraded from Mojave to High Sierra yet as many mac games have not been ported to that yet so that is not an option for me.

Tipolane closed broom.png


Tipolane closed broom.sav Tipolane.sav

Steps to Reproduce

1. Launch the game with the attached save file.

2. Observe the game stall on the Klei splash screen then crash later on.

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