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Crashing on 2017 Macbook (Kernel Panic) (High Sierra v10.13.6)

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: OSX Pending

Game has been crashing pretty often upon reaching mid-game, where there's a lot going on.

I get the beachball of death, and the computer restarts.

I did my best to find the reports. I'm on OSX—I've attached the original .panic file and then also the copy/pasta into a log file. It looks like it may have something to do with the graphics, but that doesn't make any sense—the minimum graphics cited as a requirement was from 2013! Hope a solution can be found. Thanks!


Steps to Reproduce
I'm at around cycle 70-80, if that helps.

User Feedback

Same. Mine is MacBook Pro 2016. Crashed around 50, 120, 300 cycles. In the 300 cycles save, crashed more than 10 times (first crash occurred around 150 cycle?).

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