Crashes and poor performance on Linux

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CRASH: Usually within the first turn of starting a new game: everything on the screen will freeze except the mouse pointer (but clicking has no effect); then, within a few seconds screen goes black.  Have to restart the computer to get screen to work again.

I just tried playing again today, planning to get logs and report the problem here - but this time it actually ran for several turns / tens of minutes before crashing.  The files I'm posting are from that crash.

In particular you might like to search for "lockup" in syslog.  syslog also mentions file crash_20210821152920_6.dmp but unfortunately I can't find it.


ALSO: before crashing, the game is slow/has 'choppy' movement.

ALSO: in the game that I'm posting about here, sometimes the display would get corrupted or go mostly white if I zoomed out too far, but would recover when I zoomed back in.


Runs fine in Windows 10 on the same computer.



Steps to Reproduce

Install Oxygen Not Included in Steam Client

Run it

Play for a short while

(I haven't noticed any specific action in the game that causes the crash.)

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