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Crash when mining regolith under a dupe at top of map

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[Edit] Right, so I just now realized I've screwed this up. It should really go in the Spaced Out! forum instead of the base game. Sorry about that. 


I've been having crashes where the client totally freezes. I seem to have been able to (accidentally) reproduce it a few times, so I think I've nailed the cause. I'm trying to set up solar on the regolith planet, and am in the awkward in-between stage where I still have to manually dig up regolith. It's especially difficult because I have a few interplanetary payloads stuck on my bunker doors that I want to grab. However, I've found that if I dig up regolith at the top of the map while another duplicant is standing on it, the game hard-freezes. There's no crash, it just totally hangs and I have to force quit and restart to continue.

Attached is an image of the freeze happening. I was lucky to be zoomed in exactly where it was happening at the time. 

oni crash.png

Steps to Reproduce

Build bunker doors at the top of the map.

Put regolith on top of the bunker door. There should only be 1 free space between the regolith and the absolute top of the map.

Have a duplicant standing on the regolith.

Mine the regolith under them.

oni crash.png

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