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Crash to Desktop

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

When loading this save game, the game crashes. The game appeared to save correctly and then quit correctly the night before.

There have been a couple Crash to Desktops on this play through but I haven't seen anything repeatable so I haven't submitted a crash report.

I don't see an output log as per the directions below but noticed a CRASH .dmp file so I included that.


Void Vaders.sav




EDIT: A followup to this CTD issue... The way I tried to load my game before was through the continue button. Well, the continue game shows "Acropolis" the name I gave it when I started. However, I later did a "save as" and overwrote a "Void Vaders" (a name for an older map) a long time ago. Instead of using the continue game button, I used the load game option and just picked the latest save. The game loaded without a problem.

Perhaps this is related to a discrepancy between the continue name and the saved as file name?

Steps to Reproduce
Crashes every time I try to load the game with the "continue" option.

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